Financials & Accountability

Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia is committed to transparency and accountability. We take seriously our responsibility to operate with the highest standards of integrity and stewardship to ensure donor funds are effectively reinvested in improving the economic and social well-being of our community. In this section, you will find our financial statements and other documents that help you learn more about our operations.

Financial Documents 

Audited Financial Statement 2023

Audited Financial Statement 2022

Audited Financial Statement 2021

Audited Financial Statement 2020

Audited Financial Statement 2019 


Accountability & Policies

Annual Reports

Community Foundation 2023

Community Foundation 2022

Community Foundation 2021

Community Foundation 2020 

Community Foundation 2019

Annual Administrative Assessments

To support the Foundation’s extensive and comprehensive programs that benefit the many communities we serve on a daily basis, we annually apply a board-approved assessment on an endowed Fund’s average market value, using a three-year rolling average, as follows:

Donor Advised Funds 1%
Unrestricted Funds 1%
Agency Funds 1%
Designated Funds 1.25%
Field-of-Interest Funds 1.5%
Scholarship Funds 1.75%

Currently, the above support covers 88% of our operational expense. Our Friends of the Foundation program and other direct administrative gifts to the Community Foundation help close the gap and are always deeply appreciated.


  1. For cases in which a donor requests significant extra activities for a Fund, additional charges may be assessed based on the concurrence of both the Community Foundation and the donor
  2. The above schedule applies to Funds up to $5 million in assets. For larger Funds, please contact Alan Ronk, President & CEO to discuss a declining schedule.
  3. For non-endowed (pass-through) Funds, please refer to the Non-Permanent Fund Policy.

Charitable Relationship Policy 

Donor Initiated Fundraising Policy 

Privacy Policy 

Real Estate Policy 

Corporate Information & Forms

The Community Foundation’s Federal Tax ID: 54-1959458

IRS Letter of Determination

Request a W-9 Form

Wire Transfer Instructions

Request a copy of our sales tax-exempt certificate

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