Promotional Guidelines

Promoting Your Grant

Congratulations on receiving a Community Foundation grant. We look forward to seeing the good it will help you do in your community. We encourage you to share the news of this grant to raise awareness of your work, and ask that you adhere to our branding guidelines as you share the news on your platforms. The following communication guidelines will assist you with these promotions.


Be sure to use the updated version of our logo on all documents, signage and other materials. Do not add content to the logo or alter its proportions (i.e., make it look “squished” or stretched out). The logo may be adapted to fit various design needs. If you use an outside graphic designer for any materials, please give them the Logo Style Guide to make sure he/she follows our brand standards.

You may download our logos at the links below.  Contact us for additional file types or information.








In all materials, describe your funding as a grant from “Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia” without putting “the” in front of Community. After the first reference, you can refer to us a “the Community Foundation” or “Foundation.” When applicable, please acknowledge the individual funds that have made your grant possible in addition to the Community Foundation. The name of the funds that provided your grant are listed in your grant agreement.

An example of wording for your promotional materials could be:
The XYZ project was made possible by a grant from the John D. Smith Fund of Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia.

News Releases

Promote your project with a news release to the local media. If you’re inviting the media to cover your project or event, invite us too by sending the information to Michelle Eberly.

Please use the following description of the Community Foundation in press releases and other write-ups about topics pertaining to our work.

With more than 400 endowed funds, over $110 million in outright assets, and $140 million in future estate commitments, Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia continues to work diligently to connect philanthropic resources with important community needs. Individuals interested in establishing their own personal or family legacy through an unrestricted endowment or any of the many other types of endowment funds offered by the community foundation should visit or call (540) 985-0204. 

Social Media

Spread the word about your project through social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can tag the Community Foundation on all platforms.

Share Your Story

We often feature stories of our grantees through our social media, website, and annual report. If you have a story or photos that you would like to share about your grant, please contact Michelle Eberly.

Contact Us

Contact us any time for questions and guidance.

Michelle Eberly, Director of Grants and Donor Engagement

Carly Oliver, Chief Operating Officer

April Haynes, Regional Vice President

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