Private Foundation Services

We specialize in working with individuals and families to achieve their charitable goals. The Community Foundation works closely with the trustees and advisors of private foundations to customize services that meet their needs. Private Foundations may choose one or more services from the following list to assist them in their charitable administrative responsibilities.

If your private foundation has been affected by any of these factors, the Community Foundation can assist.

  • Preference to focus on charitable giving rather than investments and administration
  • Rising operational and investment management costs
  • Keeping up with new and changing government regulations
  • Difficulty in meeting the annual 5% payout requirement

Donor Advised Fund Option

Create tax advantages and open a whole new set of charitable options by establishing a Donor Advised Fund with us. Use a Donor Advised Fund to complement an existing private foundation and gain access to all of our donor services. Plus leverage a number of other benefits, including:

Excise Tax Planning. Contribute additional qualifying distributions to a Donor Advised Fund, and reduce excise taxes on realized gains and earned investment income.

 5% Payout Solution. Gain flexibility in your grant-making plans by making your 5% IRS payout requirement to a Donor Advised Fund.

 Keep Grant-Making Private. Information about private foundations is readily available for public inspection. Use a Donor Advised Fund to anonymously achieve a charitable goal.

Conversion Option

Give your family’s philanthropy the gift of time by converting your private foundation to a Donor Advised Fund. We will take care of the time-consuming administration and legal responsibilities while you enjoy all the flexibility of a private foundation, access to a suite of donor services and the added benefits of:

Reduced Costs. Tap into expert resources that streamline investing, grant-making, accounting, and tax filings over hundreds of family philanthropies for economies of scale.

Greater Tax Benefits. Receive greater tax incentives on future gifts, such as fair market value deduction of closely held stock contributions and higher AGI deductibility thresholds for cash and publicly traded security gifts.

More Giving Time. Enjoy the time you save by focusing on your philanthropy and making a difference in the organizations, issues, and communities that are personally most important to you and your family.

To learn more about transferring a private foundation click here.

Consulting & Management Options

Focus more on your charitable vision, and less on administrative tasks and regulations with a suite of services designed to give valuable time back to the creators, families, and directors of private foundations. Through our customized services, our professional staff offers you strategic grantmaking and philanthropic planning services, purpose and structure consultations, due diligence, and administration services crucial to day-to-day foundation work. A Memorandum of Understanding will be created between each client and the Community Foundation outlining specific services to be provided and the associated fees.

For more information contact:

Carly Oliver 
Chief Operating Officer
Roanoke Corporate Office

April Haynes
Regional Vice President
Martinsville Regional Office

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