Who We Are

Community foundations began nationally in 1914 and are publicly-supported, 501(c)(3) philanthropic organizations that hold, administer, invest and make grants from both endowed and non-endowed funds established by individuals, families and others. They were designed to be simple, flexible, convenient, tax-wise, cost-effective and perpetual charitable vehicles.  

Our Community Foundation was established in Roanoke in 1988. With our growth, we expanded into the Martinsville/Henry County area in 2005. Today, we administer many hundreds of named endowment funds ranging in size from a minimum of $10,000 to millions of dollars. To date, donors have also committed very significant resources to the Foundation through future estate gifts.

Our Mission

Enabling people who love their community to easily give back.

Summary of Our Daily Work

On your behalf, we work diligently to carry out YOUR charitable intent through endowment funds; we provide long-term professional oversight for funds YOU entrust to us; we make creative grants for current and future community needs and opportunities; we offer comprehensive services to encourage and advance effective philanthropy; we provide opportunities to strengthen local non-profits; and, we promote and participate in collaborative efforts to shape a healthy, caring community.

What is a Community Foundation?

Community foundations are public charities that guide philanthropy and improve the quality of life in a specific geographic area. They are governed by volunteer boards of leading citizens and run by professionals who are experts in community need. Typically, community foundations serve and champion their communities by:

  • Partnering with individuals, families and organizations to make giving easy and effective.
  • Strengthening nonprofit organizations through grants, training and other supports.
  • Providing leadership and insight to important community issues.
  • Promoting a local or regional culture of philanthropy and service.

There are more than 800 community foundations in the United States, including 30 in Virginia. Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia serves the cities of Martinsville, Roanoke, and Salem and the counties of Botetourt, Craig, Franklin, Henry, Patrick, and Roanoke.

Our Values

Integrity icon


To always strive for honesty, truthfulness and accuracy in all of our actions.

Trustworthiness icon


To always seek to inspire reliability when responding to your needs or questions.

Stewardship icon


To always embody responsible planning and management of resources

Confidentiality icon


To earn the trust of out donors and always honor and respect their desire for privacy in their philanthropic work

Efficiency icon


To always display high-level competency in our daily performance.          

Effectiveness icon


To fervently understand how to do the right thing to achieve the best results.

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