Legacy Society

The Community Foundation’s Legacy Society recognizes those individuals and families who have included or did include the community foundation in their estate plan. We are deeply honored to recognize the members shown below. Future estate commitments from Legacy Society members and from others who refer to remain anonymous at this time now total more than $130 million. These future gifts will play a critical role in further strengthening this community for generations to come.

Eleanor W. Alvis
Donald R. Amos for the James R. and Ethel H. Amos Fund
Dorothy S. Anderson
Willis M. Anderson
Nathaniel A. and Dorothy D. Back
Frank W. “Bill” Bova, Jr. and Ruth J. Bova
Mrs. Mary L. Brodie
Nancy Karen Canody
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Claytor
Orrin and Dotsy Clifton
M. Rupert Cutler and Brenda McDaniel
Walter M. Dixon, Jr.
Earl D. Doran
Gordon and Susan Ewald
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Ford
Rand and Jan Garrett
Lloyd Gochenour
Nancy and Bud Goehring
Sarah and Kossen Gregory for the
Kossen Gregory Jr. Memorial Fund
Lucian Y. and June B. Grove
Zelda and Julius Halpern
Samuel C. Hill
Mrs. Anne Crable Hurt
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Hutcheson, Jr.
Gene A. Hylton
Theresa and Anson Jamison
The John W. Johnston Family
Melva P. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Kinder
Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Landon
Stan and Elise Lanford
Evelyn L. Lewis
Thomas and Betsy Little
Camille M. Lownds
Frank and Martha Clay Martin
Frank W. Martin
Samuel B. McGhee

Richard F. and Cheryl A. McIntyre
Dr. and Mrs. Julien H. Meyer, Jr.
Dr. Julien Meyer, Sr.
Walter Muir
Dorothy G. Murray
Wallace C. Nunley, Sr.
Walter M. “Bill” Otey, III
John and Sarah Belle Parrott
Lewise S. Parsley
Barbara Wise
William H. Pettigrew
Doris and Roy Pollard
Louis and Agnes Popp Fund
Carol and Robert Pruner
Trina B. Ramzinsky
Thomas M. Robertson, Sr.
Margaret M. and William H.
Robertson Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Rogers III
Alan E. Ronk
William H. and Anna B. Scheer
William A. Scott, Jr.
Ed and Barbara Scruggs
Jackie and S. L. Spangler
Neil and Michelle Treger
Kenneth D. Twitchell
Richard and Gail Ungerer
Mrs. Claiborne Vinyard
Joe and Susan Walters
Mike and Carolyn Warner
Mary L. and Douglas C. Waters
Hugh A. and Nannie Ruth White
Vera Bryant Williams
Walter K. and Kimberley A. Young


In Remembrance

Dorothy S. Anderson
Earl D. Doran
Melva P. Jones
Lewise S. Parsley
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Kinder
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