Online Application Instructions

Many of the scholarships offered by The Community Foundation have specific purposes and selection criteria. Please refer to the Scholarship Map page of our website to see a list of scholarships and the requirements.


The application is a multi-step process. The initial application allows you to apply to over 70 scholarship opportunities.

When you submit that portion of the application, you MAY NOT be finished with the unique scholarship opportunities you are eligible for.

For some opportunities, the initial application is all that’s needed, and you will be automatically considered (you will see “submitted” next to those opportunities). For other scholarship opportunities, you may be required to answer a few supplemental questions, upload an essay, or submit a third-party request for letters of recommendation (you will see “draft” next to those opportunities). Please click on each of those opportunities to see what supplemental information is needed. Once you satisfy those requirements, you will click “submit application” on each opportunity.

NOTE – Suppose you see no opportunities listed after you submit the initial application. In that case, you do not meet any eligibility criteria, and you should reach out to the Community Foundation to ensure that it is accurate. 

Required Documents

NOTE: The application requires several uploaded documents. The following file types will NOT be accepted: msg, tex, zip, odt, html, pages, exe, jar, cmd, and jpeg. File types that will be accepted include PDF and Word formatted documents.

  • Emails from the Foundation. Please add the email address to your safe sender email list. All correspondence will be done via this email and it is important that you receive all emails.
  • Transcript – If you have graduated from high school and have never been enrolled in college, you must request a copy of your high school transcript from your high school guidance office. This request will be done via email through your application. Please make sure you let your guidance counselor know so that he/she will be expecting an email from
  • Transcript -If you are currently enrolled in college, you must request a copy of your unofficial college transcript. If you have only been enrolled for one semester, please submit whatever school record is available. You will be able to upload your transcript through your application. 
  • Transcript -If you are a High School Senior, you must request a copy of your high school transcript from your high school guidance office or on your own through Parchment. This request will be done via email through your application. If you have a copy of your transcript you can use your own email to upload it. If you are requesting the transcript from a school staff member, please make sure you let the school staff member know so that he/she will be expecting an email from
  • Letters of Recommendation – IMPORTANT: If you are an applicant from a school in the Roanoke Valley (also Wythe and Smyth Counties), you MUST submit two letters of recommendation with your application. After you submit your initial application there is a section in the application where you will need to request letters from an outside third party. The two email addresses you insert for the first scholarship you apply to will be copied for all other opportunities that you are eligible for. You will only need those two letters for all opportunities. Please make sure you let your references know so that he/she will be expecting an email from 
  • Personal Essay/ Additional Essays – All applicants will submit a personal essay. Several scholarships require an essay on a specific topic to apply. For the additional essays, please make sure that you answer all the questions asked within the essay prompt and PLEASE add your name and scholarship fund that you are applying to on top of each page of the essay.
  • Resume – A current resume is required to be uploaded into the online application. Please include your academic/scholastic activities (clubs, student government, National Honor Society, etc), sports, community activities (civic activities, clubs, volunteer work, faith activities, etc), number of years you have participated and your leadership position, letters earned, awards received, and recognitions.  Additionally, please include your work experiences such as self-employment, employer name, nature of work, supervisory positions held, and dates employed. (Maximum 2 pages)
  • Student Aid Report (SAR) from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) Please upload a copy of your completed FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR), including all pages (not just the cover page) in PDF form. You can download a copy of your SAR by logging in to using your FSA ID and selecting the “View your Student Aid Report” option near the middle of the “My FAFSA” page.

Applications without these documents will not be considered.



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