Women In Philanthropy

Women In Philanthropy(WIP) is an exciting initiative of Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia’s Martinsville Regional Office that started in October 2009. This initiative recognizes and celebrates the important role that women play in making our community a wonderful place to live. The mission of Women In Philanthropy is to encourage, increase and recognize women’s participation in philanthropy and to make significant impact grants in the local community.

Women In Philanthropy is open to any woman who makes the commitment of $500 annually. The contributions are pooled together to make a large-impact grant to a local non-profit organization. The Community Foundation will accept Request for Proposals from local non-profits,  compile them into a packet for each member to review, and each member will submit a vote for their favorite organization. The grant will be awarded in September of each year at a special event for Women in Philanthropy.

For more information, please see the Informational Brochure or FAQ’s contact April Haynes at 276-656-6223 or april@cfwesternva.org

Caren Tobin Aaron
Nancy Baker
Carolyn E. Baptist
Theresa Bechtel 
Clarke S. Beckner
Julie Brown-The Eye Site
Paula Burnette
Ruth Groves Chaney *
Gael Marshall Chaney
Martha M. Clark
Beverley Coleman
Sandra Coleman
Martha S. Cooper
Rebecca Williams Crabtree 
Susan Critz
Judith N. Dashoff
Lucy H. Davis
Nancy B. Davis
Nicole DeShon-Nelson
Mary Kate Dillon
Lillie Doyle 
Imogene Draper 
Margie Eason
Cindy King Edgerton 
Sarah C. Fain
Martha B. Farrell
Ann Favero
Bonnie Favero
Elaine D. Ferrill
Helen H. Flythe
Sandra T. Ford 
Karen L. Franklin
Marsha E. Frith
Paige Frith
Mary Kathryn Frith *
Linda H. Gale
Jane J. Gardner
Judith S. Garland
Karen Webb Garrett
Jo Grayson
Joy Haley
Michelle Hamby 
Sally G. Hanbury
Vicki L. Harm
Vickie S. Helmstutler
Barbara O’Brien Holland
Peggy W. Hollander
Elizabeth M. Holsinger
Lori Hornsby
Linda W. Isley
Barbara Jackman

Cecelia R. Johnson
Joanna Jones 
Mallory Joyce
Carole G. Kiser
Lynn H. Korff
Amy Pace Lampe
Margaret Lester
Susan Lester 
Katherine W. Long
Merlow D. Luttrell
Anne V. Madonia
Randy Mattox
Langhorne S. Mauck
Charlotte W. McClain
Tonie S. McMillan
Phyllis H. Mitchell
Joan B. Montgomery
Linda Moore
Susan S. Muehleck
Christine K. O’Brien
Susan W. Pannill
Nacy Philpott
Betty Barnes Pigg
Beverly Pitzerr
Christine B. Poirier
Linda C. Prillaman
Lauren Prince 
H.Sue Rawls
Ann Reaser
Carol Rebman
Frances Richardson
Lewis S. Riddle
Myrtle Robertson
Lynn Robertson
Martha Rollins
Eliza H. Severt
Elizabeth R. Sibbick
Irma H. Smart
Kathryn A. Smith *
Lucy Newman Smith
Kimberly Kiser Snyder
Marilyn Spencer
Catherine R. Stone
Tracy Tate
Lorrie K. Teegen- American National Bank
Julie Hairfield Thomas
Ellen Thomason
Deborah Toms
Meredith Vaughn
Elizabeth M.Walker
Phyllia Wenkstern
Roslyn H. Wingett
Julia A. Work

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